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AIRRAILS AGRI comes in three different configurations, Entry Level, Precision RTK and Vision System. Each of these are built on top of the AGRI Base System and provide you with different levels of precision and capabilities.


The entry-level system provides you with a cost-effective solution which gives you an accurate and reliable system for standard crop application needs.

Includes: AGRI Base System; F9P GPS.

Coming soon: NTRIP support for centimeter level accuracy


The high precision navigation option provides you with a centimeter-level navigation accuracy to ensure that your missions precisely followed, maximizing efficiency and reducing drift.

Includes: AGRI Base System; Trimble MB-Two RTK pre-configured with a 1-year RTK network license (no base station required).


The vision system, powered by SUIND, will provide you with the most advanced capabilities available today. It has the ability to detect and navigate around obstacles, operate in GPS degraded environments, follow complex terrain and crops.

Includes: AGRI Base System; Dual camera vision hardware; Camera case (optional).


The AGRI Base System is the core product which consists of the VTOL OS powered autopilot, which takes care of flying your drone for you and the mission computer which takes care of everything from interfacing with your payloads such pumps, flow meters, seed spreader, etc., high level mission logic, logging and reporting, allowing remote support, LTE/5G communicates and running the vision system (requires the Vision System).

Regardless of which of the systems you choose, each of them will include these essential components.

The base system includes:

  • Fully calibrated and tested Pixhawk Cube autopilot
  • Software pre-flashed and configured with VTOL OS
  • Dual external magnetometers for reliable
  • Avionics power supply
  • Copilot mission computer
  • Connectors and cables set
  • Ground Control Station software for setup, planning and control of your drone


In addition to the products above you can choose from optional add-ons such as a second radar for steep terrain operations, cloud-based simulation or an evaluation drone for testing and training.


Add the additional radar option to support crop application drones operating over steep terrain of up to 50 degrees.

The radar will complement the down facing radar used on relatively flat crops by facing forwards at a 45 degree angle so it can "see" the approaching terrain and adjust the drone's altitude and speed accordingly.


The Evaluation Drone is a small, safe and portable 550mm frame diameter evaluation drone that comes ready-to-fly (radio ready).

The evaluation drone will provide you with a fully functional system, without spraying capabilities of course, so you can test the full system before integrating it into your product. It is also an invaluable resource to use as a reference on how to wire the system. It is also an ideal training platform that is safe to use and easy to repair.


Since VTOL OS is fully integrated with SIMNET you will be able to offer your customers the benefits of learning how to operate the drone with a state of the art, cloud based simulation.

The simulation requires no additional software, simply open SIMNET in your browser and select a VTOL OS powered multirotor from the list and you can then connect with the AIRRAILS AGRI GCS and start planning and flying simulated spraying missions.

vision system

fully integrated obstacle avoidance

The SUIND avoidance system provides object detection and avoidance with a powerful dynamic route planning algorithm to find an efficient path back to the mission track.


  • Detection of trees, poles and other obstacles that appear along or near the mission path
  • Dynamic route planning which is continuously updated to provide the autopilot with millisecond avoidance guidance to navigate the drone around the obstacle and back onto the flight plan
  • Extremely simple planning, with only the region to be sprayed that needs to be set and no longer having to mark the location of obstacles
  • Spraying operations where manual planning around a high number of obstacles is not practical or possible, such as shade trees on tea plantations
  • Efficient coverage and increased safety by avoiding the inaccuracy of manual GPS based geo-referencing of obstacles

ground control station

plan & manage

The AIRRAILS GCS is the primary way you and your customers will interact with the drone. It has been designed with ease-of-use in mind while still being feature rich. 


  • Intuitive 3D planning and mission monitoring
  • Pre-flight avionics and spray system checks
  • “No-fly” zones for avoiding trees, houses etc.
  • Customize or select preset spray / seeder configurations incl. spray rate, seeder disk / gate controls, swath size, overlap, etc.
  • Automatic flight plan adjustment based on spray system and spray mission setting
  • Spray rate, coverage and flight time estimates
  • Double spraying prevention system
  • Spray coverage analysis
  • Team-wide flight plan library
  • Backed by powerful GIS systems from ESRI (ArcGIS) and Mapbox
  • Custom aerial imagery and DEM support available
  • Video stream support


Get in touch with us to learn more about AIRRAILS AGRI, sign up for beta testing, or to get access to the members area for more information, pricing and access to the simulation system.